November 14th, 6-9pm
Vermillion Art Gallery and Bar

Expanding on “She Speaks”, a show first put on by Monica Tie at Blue Cone Studio’s May Capitol Hill Art Walk, “Listen” is about granting the human need to be heard and validated. In our current political climate of shouting matches and blame, “Listen” reminds us of the humanity in each of us and the universal bond that is suffering.

Five progressive Seattle artists will be bringing new work, and “She Speaks” will be hanging with the original in person and online submissions from May’s Capitol Hill Art Walk.

Bring your emotions, your anger, your grief, your anxiety, your joy, your exuberance, and your gratitude. Unload your burdens at this show, and find relief in the art that will carry your burdens for you.

Contribute your own stories to “Listen” by submitting anonymous recordings or written excerpts to “Listen”. Recordings from the community will be available to listen on the day of the show.

Share Your Burden

What words do you hold within your heart for fear of…something. Breathe, look within yourself. What is it that scares you, what is it that moves you. Let your words carry the weight, let this be catharsis so you can be lighter.

Share stories anonymously of heavy thoughts you wish to unload.


The words will be recorded in the artists’ voice and available to listen during the show.


To submit a voice recording

On Android
1. Download Easy Voice Recorder
2. Record your story (we ask that they be less than 3 minutes)
3. Share recording to

On iPhone
1. Follow instructions here
2. Share recording to