She Speaks

Monica Tie and Carolyn Hitt

She Speaks…

Everyone struggles to be understood.

As an Asian American, I struggle with being heard, being seen as soft spoken and quiet when those are often the traits I’m praised for. At the same time, when I break that cultural norm and speak my mind, or sound angry, I’m reprimanded and told to be grateful. As a woman I’ve been dismissed for sounding upset, for ‘pitchforking’, for not being empathetic enough to others when it was they who lacked empathy for me. As someone who has struggles with post traumatic stress, it’s a struggle communicating complex invisible wounds that even I can’t put names to.

She a recognition of my frustration of speaking up about important issues, and the world dismissing it as garbled speech, torn down as nonsensical and not to be acknowledged. The characters written in both of our hands, the energy within the paint strokes represent the conflict.

After seeing Carolyn perform in WS is BS* at Inscape House it became more apparent that this struggle is bigger than any one person or group. She a piece for everyone. It’s a manifestation of the mental hurt and the toll extracted on the soul. But it is also a celebration of freedom. Because we are not silent.

Stories from May Capitol Hill Art Walk

There will never be women’s equality without them owning money; women will always be at the mercy of others unless they have just as much or more.
Anytime I’ve talked to my significant others about losing my virginity to a guy that was 12 years older taking advantage of me at a party, I’ve only gotten back in response stuff like oh what were you wearing? You must’ve deserved it, you shouldn’t have been drinking, everything that made me feel like it was completely my fault. This fucked up my mindset for so long and I am still partly afraid I’ll never want to have sex sober.
I still deal with a lot of what happens to me is my responsibility, but part of that includes how I feel about the past trauma, their responses, and having them understand NONE of that matters and they should t be providing excuses to some guys they don’t Even know because rape is NEVER okay.
Money is not something to chase. A job is a means to and end, it is not the end, or anything really meaningful. Artistic expression and the pursuit of higher self is an honorable goal, much more than the pursuit of wealth.
Being a born male Mexican comes with the expectation of being a gentleman or in other words, a macho man. Through discovering different sub cultures around the world, I’ve seen myself more and more separated from the expectation of what a male person is supposed to be like… Now I identify as a non binary person bringing out a lot of femininity and androgyny into the way I present. at the same time though, I still have masculine characteristics of myself that I don’t necessarily feel the need to hide, which is sometimes also frowned upon or not expected” to be coming from a non binary person.
idk, currently difficult to even understand myself with what I’m saying. Different expectations from all sides of the spectrum can be hard to eljqgkadnvmqeia.
The Crescent Lounge, almost as queer as a bar can get. 11PM Saturday. Cis & presumably straight man refusing to accept that there is nothing he can do/say/buy me that will make me want to go home with him. “I don’t think you understand, I’m GAY.” I’m clearly not invisible to him, so what makes my words invisible to him?
Repeat repeat repeat.
I don’t know how to feel resolved. I just know how to be gay.
I try to understand other people’s perspectives, even when they are incorrect and don’t understand the things they are saying. My boss once asked me to do some nonsensical statistics during a lab meeting in front of people and when I gave even some credit to her thought process, she assumed she was right instead of thinking about the caveats I brought up in the end. Should I just shut people’s bad ideas down next time?

Share Your Story

 What words have you spoken that landed on deaf ears or were claimed to be invalid simply because the receiver lacked the experience, knowledge or context of your words? When did you find the courage to keep speaking anyway?

Share stories anonymously of times you've spoken out and haven't been heard, and resolve the imbalances you have faced within the world. The words will be printed after the show and included with the painting from there on out.


Carolyn Hitt

Carolyn Hitt is a prolific abstract expressionist and the founder of Blue Cone Studios— an incubator for talent across disciplines. In 2018 she released The Relevant Unknowns, an artist yearbook and community guide. Her commitment to community building takes many forms including hosting weekly teas open to the public that center emerging and marginalized young creatives. Her exhibition, 1,000,000 AD, was featured in Shunpike’s Storefronts series in 2019. Hitt believes that each one of us is called to honor the original impetus to create that was beaten out of us as children—e.g. Fuck the programming.

Monica Tie

After working as a software engineer for 7 years, Monica Tie decided a break was needed from being enmeshed within the machine of white patriarchy where social equality is a marketing tactic and bias is laundered through diversity and inclusion numbers. She quit her salary job and invested her energy into an artistic pursuit. Since then, she’s been a member of Blue Cone Studios, working on immersive alcohol inks that mimic the seasons and sights of the pacific northwest. Her dream is to work on large installations as a platform to speak about current day issues like equality, mental health, and identity. “She Speaks Even When The World Doesn’t Understand” is her first step in this direction.

“She Speaks”
approx. 24’’ x 48’’